Thursday, June 16, 2011

Haiti Mission Team ~ June 15 & 16 Updates

June 15, 2011 Update
God is good! We have had perfect weather so far this week. Thank you to those who have been praying for us! Monday was a preparation day for VBS and the first day of construction for that team. Preparation for VBS included preparing crafts and lessons, sorting supplies that were brought in with the team, and making up family bags that will be given out to the children who attend VBS. These bags include clothing, food, and toiletries. The construction team is helping to build a home for a family of 10 whose home was destroyed in the earthquake. The home is close to the church in Calabasse where we are doing VBS. Some of us were also able to spend the day in the crèche caring for the babies and lightening the load for the nannies. Our nurses participated in a medical clinic in Petion-ville and saw over 40 patients. These clinics are the only time that most Haitians are able to receive any medical care.

The team is doing well and God is moving in our lives. Tuesday was the first day of VBS. 100 tickets were passed out to children around the church to come to VBS and 97 showed up. The team did an amazing job of engaging the children despite the language barrier. Tyler McQuinn shared the gospel with the children and three gave their lives to Christ! The construction team completed carrying and laying the block for the house. All that remains is to put the roof on.

Today is the 2nd day of VBS. Pray that many children will hear and respond to the gospel. Pray for the safety of the construction team. Many of our teens are going to Wings of Hope, the special needs orphanage. There they will spend time playing with, caring for, and loving on the residents. These children are considered cursed and are usually abandoned by their parents. Pray for the team as they process the sights, sounds, and smells.

June 16, 2011 Update
Wednesday we completed our 2nd day of VBS. Kim Gidley and Lynn Moore did an excellent job of directing it! We had another child accept Jesus during the gospel presentation. Please pray for these precious children as they begin their Christian walk. The pastor of the church was given the names from the past two days and will do follow-up. The Wings of Hope team had an incredible time and was able to show Christ’s love to these precious souls. The construction team was able to complete the house yesterday as well.

Today we go to Canez, a small village of some of the poorest in Haiti. They live in mud huts and must walk 1½ hours just to get fresh water to drink. We will be going hut to hut praying for the families. We will also conduct a medical clinic and distribute beans and powdered milk. Please pray for the team as many will see poverty like they have never experienced. Pray that we would be able to effectively minister to these families.

Thanks again for interceding for out team and the people of Haiti!
Your Haiti Team

Monday, June 13, 2011

Haiti Mission Team ~ June 13 Update

Greetings from Haiti!

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day in Haiti! We left early in the morning and headed further up the mountain to worship with our brothers and sisters in a small Baptist church in Calabasse. They were serving communion and when 80 Americans showed up they had to go out and purchase additional supplies so we would partake with them. Although we could not understand most of the service, we could sense the sweet spirit and experience worship alongside the Haitian believers. In the afternoon, we went into Port au Prince to look at the remaining devastation from the earthquake. Although you can still see collapsed buildings and there are still thousands living in tent cities, much of the rubble has been cleaned up. The city, however, is still steeped in poverty and was overwhelming for many of us. Please pray for the 9 million Haitians that struggle daily to provide food and shelter for their families. Earnestly pray that their spiritual lives will be transformed through the acceptance of Jesus as their Savior!

Today we will split up into different ministry areas. Some of us will be building a house for a widow whose home was destroyed in the earthquake. Pray for our safety and that we would have an opportunity to share with our Haitian co-workers. Others will be working in the crèche, caring for the orphans, and cleaning and giving some relief to the ladies who work there. Pray that they would bring joy to the lives of the 60 babies and young children. Still others will be preparing for Vacation Bible School. Tuesday and Wednesday, a large part of our team will be heading back to Calabasse to do VBS with 100 children each day. Pray specifically for Kim Gidley as she is the VBS Director and will be managing 35 people. Pray that the teachers will prepare lessons that will connect with the children and that many will accept Christ.

Everyone is doing well, and we continue to covet your prayers for our health and safety. Pray that we would allow God to refine us and make us more like Him!

Your Haiti Mission Team

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 7 Update From the Key West Team


 We had a wonderful day yesterday. We enjoyed a bit of free time, but it awesome seeing the Lord remind us that "free time" on mission still gives us open doors to share Christ. I watched as Leah engaged a gospel centered conversation with a young man for almost 2 hours. It was so cool. The ministry at Mallory Square went well. Pastor Bill gave 2 messages. We thought it very interesting that he had a conversation with lady with a strong Catholic background. He used a tract and said that he got those tracts from Urbancrest. At one of our GIC'S in the missionary store, he found a bunch of tracts. He uses them in his ministry here.

 We will clean things up at the ministry apartment and then head for the airport. Pray for safe and smooth travel today.

 We can't wait to see you and share with you all He has done. You've been so vital to the success of this trip. We thank each of your prayers.

 For the glory of the King!
 David Bickers

NOTE: The Key West Team has completed the mission project and is traveling today. They will return this afternoon. Give praise to God for the lives that have been touch, the Christians that have been encouraged, and the souls that have been transformed by the power of the Gospel throught the efforts of this team. Glory to the Name of Jesus!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 6 Update From the Key West Team

 We had an amazing day of ministry on Tuesday. We continued the rehab on the house at the First Baptist Church in Islamorada. Our team really worked hard and got much accomplished in a short time. The church was so grateful for our presence. One of the ladies in the church treated us to a quick dip in her pool to cool off. Then one of her neighbors invited us to see her seahorses. She raises them and hand feeds them. Very interesting, but only in the Keys! The dinner for the homeless went great. I got to lead the devotion and prayer and we helped in food prep and serving the families. They also run a clothes ministry, food pantry, free haircuts, and other ways to bless and share the love of Christ. It was a good day of ministry.

 Today is our last full day here. I'm taking the team out to the Dry Tortugas. A Civil War fort is there with lots of history and there and the water is great for snorkeling. They have worked very hard and this is our only free time. We'll be back late this afternoon to meet Pastor Bill for 2 messages at Mallory Square.

 Pray for our safety as we travel. We are still looking for ways to share our faith today.

Thanks for praying for us!

 David Bickers

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 5 Update From the Key West Team

We had a great day of ministry on Monday. After breakfast and team devotions, we drove 80 miles north to Islamorada. There we met Pastor Robbie Davis and members of the First Baptist Church. Pastor Robbie is co pastoring the church in Islamorada and the Community Baptist Church in Layton. The church in Islamorada is down to less than 10 members. They have recently made a fresh commitment to do whatever it takes to turn things around and reach their community for Christ. We helped to clean and rehab some of their facilities. They have a parsonage that was built in 1937 that is being completely renovated, and we helped to remove carpeting, old tile flooring, busted up a bathroom (Mark swings a mean sledgehammer), and other projects. The Lord kept the entire team safe from injury and they seemed so grateful for the help. We made the 80 mile trip back to Key West to meet Pastor Bill at Mallory Square as he shared his easel presentation 2 times. Several folks stopped and listened as they passed by and we were able to engage a few conversations and pass out several gospel tracts. There was another nice team of students from Melbourne, FL there last night sharing the gospel on their mission trip to Key West.

Today, please pray for:

1. Safety as we travel back to Islamorada. We will continue the physical labor on the property and then be assisting them tonight in serving a meal to the homeless. It's a ministry they call Tuesday Dinner at Jesus' House. They run over 50 each Tuesday they serve.

 2. Pray for Mark as he returns home today. He has to get back to work. He's been such a blessing on this trip

 Again, you'll never know how much we appreciate your prayers. Lives are being touched and the kingdom work is being advanced.

  David Bickers

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 4 Update From the Key West Team

Please pray today for:

1. Pastor Bill and his family. He needs to rest today after all the activities of the weekend. He also will be preaching tonight at Mallory Square.

 2. Pastor Robbie Davis. Our team will be driving up to Layton Community Baptist Church and working with Robbie. He has a variety of ministry projects for us. Robbie is a new contact for us and we are excited to see where the Lord might be working there. Some of the work might be physical in nature, so lift up our safety.

 We had a great day in worship here yesterday. The team was able to meet many new church members and one family insisted on fixing us dinner last night. They are originally from the Caribbean, so Mrs. Veronica prepared a wonderful meal of Caribbean BBQ chicken, rice, and salad. The fellowship was as good as the food.

 We thank you for praying today. God is at work and you are a key part to this mission.
David Bickers

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 3 Update From the Key West Team

Praise the Lord, great things He has done!

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the 35th Annual Swim Around Key West. The weather was very favorable, even with strong winds in the afternoon. It was so cool to see Pastor Bill pray over these swimmers and kayakers. The team from Urbancrest did so well. We served the swim and Pastor Bill in many ways, always looking for ways to then share Christ. As they return home today, we are praying that the seeds planted in their lives will grow as the Lord plans.

This morning, I'm sure my team is sore and sunburned. Please pray today for:

1. The worship services and Pastor Bill. All swimmers and families were given an invitation. Pray many will come and that many will come to Christ.

2. Our team will be leading the evening worship. We will lead some worship songs and I'll preach. Pray for boldness.

Thanks again for being part of this mission trip. We feel your prayers!

David Bickers

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 5 Deadline for Haiti Donations

As a reminder, tomorrow is the last day for collecting the following items for the Haiti mission team. They will be carrying in the donations to the orphans in need. Please bring your items to the barrel in the church foyer. This is an easy way to be a part of international missions!

Clinic Needs:
Tylenol extra strength tablets
Mylicon infant drops
Adult multivitamin with and without iron
Infant poly vi sol vitamin drops
Vitamin B6
B complex vitamins
Ginger root tablets (for morning sickness)
Eye drops
Allergy eye drops
Nasal saline drops
Tylenol sinus
Nasal decongestant
Lotrimin cream
Bengay type cream
Phisohex soap
Cetaphil type product

General Needs:
Peanut butter
Baby wipes
Baby lotion
Baby food (plastic containers only, no glass)
Powdered infant formula
Baby rice cereal

Generics of any of these are perfectly fine. They do not have to be these name brands.

Day 2 Update From the Key West Team

Good morning prayer team. Greetings from Key West.

 We had a good day of ministry on Friday. The registration process for the swim event went very well. I was so proud of our UBC team. Pray that the gospel material that went into the hands of over 150 world class athletes will fall onto good soil. It was so refreshing to see our team serve with such a Christ like spirit. Leah arrived safe and sound last night.

 Today is race day! We will arrive at the beach at 6:45 this morning. We will serve the swimmers by helping load and unload kayaks, preparing food and water, and we will be looking for open doors to share our faith. Pray today for:

 1. Weather - today should be a beautiful day, but they are calling for some strong winds. This will tax those in the water.

 2. Safety - we all are involved in some type of physical activities today. Pray the Lord watch over all.

 3. Gospel - the team will be looking for ways to share our faith today. Some of the swimmers are from other countries, we need your prayer support.

 4. Pastor Bill - this guy continues to amaze us! We watch him do all he does in organizing this event and then he still has the strength to participate and swim all 12.5 miles. He is having some muscle issues in one shoulder. Bill also shares the gospel tonight at the race awards dinner.

 Thanks again for your prayer support. You are making a difference in the kingdom.

 David Bickers

Friday, June 3, 2011

News from our Mission Team in Key West, Fl.

Greetings from Key West.
Our first full day of ministry is just beginning. I wanted to give you our itinerary so you can pray for us.

1. Today we will be preparing all the items for the swimmers. We assembled over 150 bags that contain sunscreen, snacks, and three very important items. Each bag has a gospel tract, an invitation to Sunday worship, and a Challenge newspaper. Pray the Lord will use these items to touch the hearts of many for the gospel.

 2. Leah Busick will be joining the team today. She flys out of Dayton today at 4:00 pm and will land in Key West at 9:00 pm. Pray for safe travel for Leah.

 3. Swimmers and kayakers from all over the U.S. and from several countries arrive today. They are a big part of our mission field on this trip. Each team member is looking for opportunities to share our faith.

 You are an important part of this trip. Thanks for your prayers and support.

 David Bickers