Friday, September 28, 2012

Hope Community Block Party Report

Block Party Report from Randy Chestnut, Pastor of Hope Community Church:

  God blessed us with a wonderful day at Stuart Patterson Park in Old North Dayton on Saturday, September 22 for our Community Block Party!

 Our friends/partners from Urbancrest Baptist Church showed up with about 40 people to help. They all did a fantastic job! The weather was also beautiful. Of course, we saw evidences of spiritual warfare...

 The storm Friday night knocked out the electricity to the recreation center. We had rented the hall for the use of the kitchen, restrooms, etc. Fortunately, Mr. Byrd (who is leasing the facility) arrived early, saw the problem, and rented portable generators for us. All went well. Please pray for Mr. Byrd as the gymnasium experienced heavy water damage from the rain leaking in.

 The person who was to do the face painting had an injury Friday night that kept her from coming. I am told this is the first time she has ever had to miss! Please pray that she feels better soon. The good news is that we had other people step up to the plate and cover for her.

 The Youth Band had several dead cables that delayed their playing. Fortunately, their leader was able to run and get some new ones. The music was fantastic!

 Satan must have known some good things were fixin' to happen. I had the opportunity to present the gospel. Counselors were available in the recreation center hall to meet with folks that made decisions. I know of at least two professions of faith, as well as four that came for prayer. We will be following up! Please pray for one Muslim boy that responded to the gospel. We sense he was genuinely curious.

 One of our community leaders stopped by on his way to work. He could not stay long, but he found me and said, "I just wanted to stop on my way and thank your church for all you are doing in our community." God is using your partnership to plant the gospel. Pray for a great harvest!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Argentina Mission Trip Report

Argentina Mission Trip - July 16-26, 2012

Airlines going out of business….bad weather on the east coast keeping planes away from Cincinnati…Our team started to wonder if the Lord really wanted us to go to Argentina this year! Our team members were:
  • Leah Busick
  • Brooklyn Busdiecker
  • Cameron Busdiecker
  • Willie Figary
  • Hannah Hundley
  • Kelly Kemp
  The delay threw our original schedule out the window, but thankfully we were there for the glory of God rather than to keep a schedule!
  We finally made it out of Cincinnati on Monday afternoon (two days late) and safely to Portena, Argentina, on Tuesday where we met Will & Alejandra Herndon, our host missionaries.
    We came alongside a church that already had a heart to reach their city for Christ and worked with them during their “Happy Hours” which are like weekly Backyard Bible Clubs. They do them every week in town parks and invite many kids from the neighborhoods. We sang songs, did crafts, and played many, many games. Of course we also had lesson times and presented the Gospel to these kids. 
   We were able to go into the schools of this small town, as well as the tiny rural schools in the surrounding areas. We put on 45 minutes of music workshops where we played songs and taught basic music lessons. We then were able to share why we sing and play instruments, and we translated the words of our songs. From there sometimes we could publically proclaim the Gospel…sometimes we could not. When we could not publically speak, we would end early to talk to the students in smaller groups or casually outside the school building. It was during one of these casual conversations that three teenagers gave their lives to the Lord!
  The “Happy Hours” and in-school music workshops went hand-in-hand, because the weekend after we were in the school, the church was planning to hold a “Happy Hour” in the nearest park and invite all the kids!
  The most memorable moment came the last day we were in Argentina. It was the day we were NOT originally supposed to be in the country, but because we arrived two days late we stayed one extra day. That evening we went to our translator, Raquel’s classroom. She teaches English and invited us to come to her class of adult learners. These are 19-25 year old students who dropped out of school, but are now coming back to graduate. We had been praying for this group all week. That evening, 10 people raised their hands to accept Christ. In addition, two were talking to Raquel and asking her to pray with them or for them. It was an open door that we would not have experienced if we had left on our original departure date (and therefore not extended our trip an extra day). Our disappointments truly can be God’s divine appointments!
~ Leah Busick, Team Leader

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mark Your Calendars

September 11: FPF Stewardship Team Meeting @ 7:00pm in Room 202

September 15: Partner Connect UPG Training
  For more information, go to

September 23: GIC Leadership Meeting @ 6:00pm in Room 206

September 27: Church Planter Network from 10:00am-1:00pm  

September 30: Mission Staff Meeting @ 6:00pm  

October 9: FPF Stewardship Team Meeting @ 7:00pm in Room 202

October 13: The Great Pumpkin Giveaway @ Iron's Fruit Farm

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hawaii Mission Trip Report

Hawaii Mission Trip - June 2-8, 2012
 The primary purpose of our team was to assist Pastor Shawn Peoples in establishing Grace Community Church by focusing on the communities of Kapolei and Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu. Our team members were:
  • Paul & Janet Boroff
  • Abby Barham
  • Gary Byrd
  • Pete Chakiris
  • Geoff & Becky Estep
  • Tom & Kitty Kelley
  • Jaycee Morgan
 Our mission was to spread the word that Pastor Shawn would be hosting a Bible Study in his home. One of Pastor Shawn’s primary goals was to begin building relationships in order for him to minister to the community. 
  The team worked two different Vacation Bible Schools (VBS), prayer walked the Peoples’ neighborhood, served shaved ice, conducted survey interviews in local parks, and helped with several projects at Shawn & Michelle’s home.
 One VBS was held during the morning and was led by Darla Richardson, a NAMB missionary to Oahu. The event was attended by approximately 25 children over four days and included games, crafts, snacks, and devotions. On the last day, we served the children shaved ice which was a very special treat. Our second VBS was held in the evenings at Fellowship Baptist Church and was led by Harlan Nakasone. By the end of the week, we had recorded 17 professions of faith between the two venues. 
 Pastor Shawn coaches a flag football team and a volleyball team at different parks. Several of our team members served shaved ice for refreshments during and after practices, while others sought parents and spectators to interview. We wanted to find out what the people of Kapolei would like to see in a church and how a church could help to serve their community. At the end of the interview, we invited everyone to Pastor Shawn’s for the Bible study and provided them with a business card that listed Shawn's phone number and email address. Over four days, we conducted approximately 50 interviews and provided Pastor Shawn with responses as well as contact information to allow for follow-up conversations and prayer support. 
  Our team collected school supplies and backpacks for Pastor Shawn to hand out to needy children. We pray that this will help Pastor Shawn with his school ministry plans.
 Our team had many memorable moments where we listened to individuals as they shared their heartaches, and we prayed together before parting ways. However, one of the most memorable moments was when Janet and Jaycee approached a young man (Ryan) in the park while conducting interviews. Ryan had been praying for a Christian pastor to come to Kapolei. Ryan was the lone survivor of a tragic car accident where several others had died. We introduced him to Pastor Shawn and continue to pray that this relationship will flourish.

 Please continue to pray for Pastor Shawn & Michelle Peoples and the people of Kapolei! You can follow their new church plant by visiting: