Monday, August 27, 2012

Appalachia Mission Trip Report

Appalachia Mission Trip - June 17-22, 2012
 Following the Sunday morning service on June 17th, thirteen Urbancrest members traveled to Winfield, Tennessee, to the Appalachian Ministry Center. The Urbancrest team included:
  • Danny & Wanda Mitchell
  • Bob & Mona Amburgy
  • Janie & Danny Caudill
  • Gary & Sherlene Dishun
  • Galen & Mary Eshleman
  • Kirk Miller
  • Don & Donna Tedrik
 It is always a joy to work with folks like these who come fully prepared and ready to go. I am convinced of God’s hand in assembling such a group and turning them loose on this project.

 Director Jack Fletcher welcomed the team and supplied the materials for us to completely redo what used to be a grade-school cafeteria. We were pleased to find that all the materials were in place and the cooking/refrigeration equipment Urbancrest had donated previously was up and running for us to use to feed the gang. Their resource center ministry, after a slow start, has continued to blossom through the dedication of Urbancrest mission teams and other local servants who have a heart to minister to this economically challenged area in northern Tennessee. One room we worked on last year has been turned into the local library and a child care center is located at the rear where we had patched the roof. In addition, the resource room we renovated is already being used by local volunteers to distribute donated clothing and household items. God is blessing this ministry and continues to work wonders through the time and goods that are donated.

 Following great meals fixed on-site by Sherlene Dishun, we began and ended each day with a devotional from someone in the group. Some of these were quite emotional, and we had time to feel the inclusiveness and acceptance so important in fellowship. The spiritual part of this mission every year is the community of believers you get to work with who want to do God’s work and walk away with the spiritual reward in their heart.

 Being a natural-born worrier and “worst case scenario” planner, I was again amazed at how things came into place perfectly through what had to be God’s wishes. After all, who knew we would be able to call upon a professional builder, Bob Amburgy (who has the wisdom of Solomon), to help with advice, scaffolding, and the necessary tools to enable us to remove and rebuild an outside wall. In the refreshingly hot sun, the team of Kirk Miller, Bob Amburgy, and Danny Caudill sawed, gnawed, and clawed a very stubborn group of iron-framed windows off only to make room for the real work: building a whole new outside wall.
 Inside, Galen Eshleman and Gary Dishun exhibited the patience of Job working with a temperamental spray painter to get the 14 foot high ceiling painted while being wheeled around on scaffolding by the ground crew leader, Don Tedrick (and whoever else was handy). Although not on his back like Michelangelo (an Italian), Galen (a Dutchman) created a painted ceiling that was a real work of art! Additional scaffolding riders were the tireless crew of Donna Tedrick, Janie Caudill, and Mona Amburgy who cleaned, scraped, and painted walls and the ceiling supports. Along with Mary Eshleman, we painted the walls, the doors, the light fixtures and everything in sight that did not move. The final two hours of the mission were essentially a race between the inside team installing insulation and drywall and the outside team installing windows and siding. Throughout all this, the mission leader helped considerably by running between jobs and wringing his hands.
 Personal Lesson Learned: Hanging around with these guys makes you look a lot smarter than you really are. In addition to a plan, have a little faith that God will make things happen.

 Finally, we took our tired muscles home on Friday and celebrated together with a good meal on the way back. As usual, Jack and all the folks in Tennessee were amazed at what had been accomplished. So were we! To God be the glory!
~ Danny & Wanda Mitchell, Team Leaders

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Key West Mission Trip Report

Key West Mission Trip - June 21-28, 2012
  2012 marks the 4th year that Urbancrest has partnered with Keys Evangelistic Ministries to share the Gospel in the Lower Florida Keys. This year, our 8-member team included:
  •  David Bickers
  •  Leah Busick
  •  Kenny Grimes
  •  Sharon Grimes
  •  Brandon Myers
  •  Kevin Nicholas
  •  Carly Wheeler
  •  David Wheeler

  Our team handled all the administrative details for the 36th annual Swim Around Key West. We partnered with Pastor Bill Welzien to serve over 200 swimmers, kayakers, and their families. Gospel tracts, Challenge magazines, and invitations to worship services were distributed. In spite of 30+ mph winds, the swim proved to be a challenge, but very successful.

  The Urbancrest team had the opportunity to attend and lead worship services at the Keys Presbyterian Church. They also assisted in the open air preaching ministry of Pastor Bill at Mallory Square.

  Our team members served the Layton Community Baptist Church and Pastor Robby Davis by painting the exterior of their church and providing some maintenance to their building. We also partnered with them in an outreach dinner to the homeless and led their mid-week worship service.

  This team demonstrated a great spirit of unity, which I believe greatly added to the success of the week. One of the ways this team was used by the Lord was in the area of encouragement. Over and again, we heard from many folks how they were encouraged by this team. One of the exciting things we were able to witness was when Pastor Robby shared with us his desire to lead his church in joining Urbancrest in future mission efforts.

   I look forward to seeing how the Lord will open future doors to partner with these two great pastors and their congregations to reach the Florida Keys for the cause of Christ!

~ Dave Bickers, Team Leader

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August 12: Cuba Mission Trip Information Meeting @ 12:30pm in Room 207

August 18: Summer Jam Tour 2012 1st Annual Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show
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August 22 Challenge the Neighborhood
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September 11: FPF Stewardship Team Meeting @ 7:00pm in Room 202

September 15: Partner Connect UPG Training
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